“The Essence Of A Woman”

conscious seasonless 2019 collection

Just like every woman, our Earth has her cycles of life.
Mood, energy flow and global seasons are changing periodically. From freezing to giving a new life on a planet. The essence remains always the same.
Earth is a Mother. She is Umai [1].
Today is a time to take extra care of our planet.


Waking up after an Ice Age [2]  Umai has let her daughter Bopé explore her body which was shaped by the glaciers, valleys, rivers and canyons.
In a collection of essays discover what awaits Bopé in her journey of connecting with a wild nature within and becoming THE Woman.

[1] Umai - Goddess of the Earth in Turkic mythology and Tengriism.
[2] The most recent Ice Age occurred during The Pleistocene Epoch (circa 2.6 m.y.a.) as glaciers covered huge parts of the planet Earth, The remains of glaciers of the Ice Age can still be seen in parts of the world, including Trans-Ili Alatau glacier, KZ and Glacier NP, USA (photo on the left). Due to a global warming some of the glaciers might be gone by 2020.