What If?

In her new F/W collection Aigerim Akenova sought inspiration from the rich nomadic cultures all over the world - starting from the Polynesian Islands to the vast steppes of Kazakhstan. Polynesian people consider the ocean as their native element whereas steppe nomads traverse freely across the desert lands.


Unity with nature, sense of space, innate ability to adapt in any part of the world, and an unbreakable bond between generations, connect what may look like completely opposite cultures. The dialogue that is created between contrasting tribes from different parts of the world is the focal point of the AIKEN brand. Finding similarities between the two worlds of the ocean and land resulted in completely new silhouettes and shapes. Every piece of the collection carries an indescribable sense of discovery that should ring familiar to seafarers traversing across new lands. This collection blends supreme jacquard fabric with high-tech materials and ethnic prints to from bold new perspectives. A courageous woman irrespective of geographic coordinates can find something for herself in this collection.


Each ornament and detail, combined with ethnic motifs, carries a deep,stylistic meaning - an equally sided triangle takes a leading role as it is equally admired from different sides of the earth.


The outer core of the collection consists of an organic colour scheme paired with cultural codes where you can easily get lost amongst the snow-capped peaks of Mauna Kea, vast steppes and inside the fallen leaves - deep shades of ocean blue; gold, beige-brown and khaki, embodying the mother Earth; orange, unifies all of the brand’s collections and fire-red, reflecting exotic hibiscuses and poppies that are symbolic of our childhood.


All of these colours are used as a decoration to modern shapans, despite being adapted to the harsh ecological conditions - remain lightweight and protective from sea breeze and steppe winds. In these coats any sea adventurer in search for new discoveries will pass smoothly.


A keen sense of an enthralling journey is what keeps the brand AIKEN to experiment and push boundaries of the textiles world and stay true to the identity. Nature and advanced technology merge together to create a practical collection that is designed not only for the innate survival purposes but for living.


There May Be Infinite Universes and Infinite Versions of You -