Aigerim’s Spring Summer 2017 collection tells a story, a funky fantasy of a journey discovering new horizons. What if a nomad travelling over the Great Steppes reached the land of Baikonur Cosmodrome and decided to discover a New horizon towards the space? How then would the wardrobe start changing?


This eccentric journey, between hearth and space, past and future, inspired the designer. “Horizons” is the answer to how the design of the nomadic wardrobe would be transforming, lightning, adapting to the new environment and yet keeping its origins, reflecting textures and colours of both landscape and sky.


Taking inspiration from the main attribute of the nomadic wardrobe “shapan” (cape) a blend of elegance and functionality and using new tech materials, the design emphasises the unique beauty of a modern “daughter of the Steppe”. Someone who wants an individual touch, being original through design and sustainability rather than just a label.


The design is flawless, soft, and delicate; the enhanced waistline is feminine and contemporary. The colour palette is from the earth to the space, brown, orange, yellow, blue, light blue. Block colours and prints captivate the imagination following the new “Horizons” journey. The use of innovative layering, juxtaposing different fabrics in slim and eccentric layers makes every outfit an eclectic globetrotter must have.