AIKEN is a contemporary lifestyle brand

always bold, memorable, and intuitive, AIKEN designs meaningful lifestyle products with a keen appreciation for materials, colors, and craftsmanship.

Hugwear | Comfort and connection in every hoodie

How can one send a hug to a loved one?  A hug is both tactile... 

Fashion | Seasonless collection

When fashion designer Aigerim Akenova was developing the concept of her brand... 

AIKEN Home | EFI Kârvân Journey | Paris Design Week 2022

Capsule collection

Hugwear | Comfort and connection in every hoodie


Tactile living | Dining collection

  • "The Rising Of The Phoenix" collection

    There is no beginning, no end. Only rebirth through your own life cycle, across generations. Like the Phoenix, you have the power within, to reinvent your beauty from the ashes.

    Made with scraps, this collection reimagines what was left behind into a new cycle of beauty.

  • “The Essence Of A Woman” collection

    Just like every woman, our Earth has her cycles of life. Mood, energy flow and global seasons are changing periodically. From freezing to giving a new life on a planet. The essence remains the same. Earth is a Mother. She is Umai. Today is time to take extra care of Her.

  • "What If?" collection

    The dialogue between contrasting tribes from the rich nomadic cultures all over the world - starting from the Polynesian Islands to the vast steppes of Kazakhstan. Finding similarities between the two worlds of the ocean and land resulted in completely new silhouettes and shapes.

  • "Horizons" collection

    What if a nomad reached the Baikonur Cosmodrome and decided to discover a new horizon towards the space? An eccentric journey, between the earth and the space. “Horizons” is the answer to how the nomadic wardrobe would be adapting to the new environment.