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Piala - tea bowl

Piala - tea bowl

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PIALA | Piala - is a “tea bowl” in Kazakh. 

Handmade piala is made of red clay and left unglazed on the outside on purpose - to bring richer tactile experience. When you put piala upside down - it reminds you of the yurt (traditional nomadic house). From the inside you can see "shanyraq" -  a primary backbone element of the yurt that resembles a blue sky.

Inspiration for the design was a wish “aspan ashyq bolsyn” - “may the sky above be clear”.  I expressed the bright sky in its diverse palette through the view from the yurt. 

Care Instructions

Loved clothes last 🧡 Please take a good care of this garment and enjoy a lifelong journey wearing it and passing it on!

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Inspiration behind AIKEN collections

Authentic, sophisticated and tactile, are the first things that come to mind while discovering contemporary designs created by Kazakhstani artisans in the heart of Central Asia. Providing a unique sensory experience through the conflict of textures, AIKEN helps you to reconnect with your feelings and live through a spiritual grounding encounter.


In all of my creations, I reflect on the cultural heritage of my ancestors  - Kazakh nomads. The nomadic lifestyle is about multifunctional practicality. I'd like to enhance people’s tactile senses as an antidote to our screen lives, bring them together in communities, and share authentic sustainable practices from steppe nomads. - Aigerim Akenova.